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  • The CORE mission of the Strong Single Mom Network is to help women live to THRIVE, not merely Survive.  That is why we’ve put together our Core Empowerment Seminars, all delivered live to you without ever having to leave your house!  Join us via Phone or Internet, your choice.  Here’s why we’re focusing on Teleseminars and Webcasts:

    • Single Moms are a Busy Group.  Now you can receive Empowering and Educational Single Mom Seminars from the comfort of your home, without leaving the house, paying for a sitter, or wasting time commuting.
    • Single Moms want to Be Connected.  We have a strong desire to meet and connect with other Single Moms. With Teleseminars and Webcasts, all of our Empowerment Seminars are open for Q&A in the last portion.  This way, you can ask questions and get feedback…not just from the speakers, but from other moms, too.
    • Single Moms are Everywhere!  The Strong Single Mom Network’s “Home-State” is currently Arizona.  If we focused solely on live, in-person events, how many Strong Single Moms would miss out?  We don’t think Geography should be a barrier to Connecting with your Inner Strength!
    • Single Moms need a Plan B.  You WANT to attend live, we know.  But life gets busy, and that’s not always going to work out.  So we record each Empowerment Seminar so you can listen on your own time.  Replays are available on the Internet, or download the mp3 and listen in the car, while you’re working out…the possibilities are endless!

    Unlimited access to the Strong Single Moms Empowerment Teleseminars and Webcasts is included in our VIP Membership !*

    But even if you’re not a VIP Member, you can still join in.  Each Empowerment Seminar is available for a low one-time fee.  These fees vary depending on the speaker.

    We think that once you’ve participated in one of these Empowerment Seminars, you’ll want to come back for more!  That’s why Founder Jacki Semerau is making a special offer:

    If you pay for a Teleseminar/Webcast on an individual basis, and then decide to join the Strong Single Mom Network as a VIP member, we’ll credit 50% of the fee you paid for the initial one-time event.

    To Schedule a LIVE Single Mom Seminar in your area, contact us at info@strongsinglemoms.com

    Do you have a seminar that would be relevant for Single Moms?  Contact Jacki Semerau at info@strongsinglemoms.com or by calling 602-904-3454.

    Join our mailing list to receive email notification as Specialty Seminars are scheduled.

    * Special Engagement Teleseminars and Webcasts are not included in the VIP Membership, but will be offered to VIPs at a discounted rate!  Special Engagement seminars only account for approximately 10% of our Virtual Seminars.