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  • Getting back in the game.  It’s fun and frightening, all at the same time.  Dating takes on a whole different set of rules as a single mother.  We want to remind you that before you consider jumping into a relationship, it’s vitally important to be a healthy, whole, and thriving YOU first!  Don’t repeat relationship mistakes, and don’t ever try to gain your sense of self through a romantic relationship.

    That said, the desire to love and be loved in return is very real.  And the journey to finding a loving relationship is filled with fun and romance!  Here are some resources that can help you avoid pitfalls while dating as a single mom, as well as other resources and articles that give you great ideas and help along the way.

    Dating Resources – Like eHarmony (From Single to Soul Mate – Review Your Matches for Free), Match.com, and ChristianCafe.com

    Dating Advice - Links to articles, tips, and blog posts on eHarmony

    Online Dating: Can Who You Don’t Know Hurt You? – An article written for Mashed Report by SSMN Founder Jacki Semerau on a new business practice within the business of online dating

    BackgroundVerify.com – Don’t introduce a date to your child without knowing exactly who you are inviting into your children’s lives.