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Research Study on Health and Physical Activity for the Single Mom

  • mom_with_stroller_runningIn a recent study on women’s physical activity, research showed that one group of women are lacking proper health and physical activity.  Can you guess which group?  If you guessed single mothers, you’re correct. 

    It’s no surprise that Single Moms ranked lower than married moms and non-mothers.  We consistently put ourselves on the bottom of the priority list, giving precedence to kid schedules, work schedules, and little things like sleeping or showering to fill in the gaps…when we can!  Those of us who do work out tend to do so inconsistently.  Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but you get the picture.


    At any rate, the study conducted left researchers seeking answers.  To find these answers, they are conducting a follow up study and they need single mom volunteers to help.  They reached out to us at the Strong Single Mom Network, and told us more about the study.  We were impressed, and want to help!

    So Strong Single Moms, here’s a chance to make a difference!  These types of studies lead to programs that can help make the lives of single mothers easier!  If you meet the criteria below, I encourage you to get involved.


    Research Opportunity-
    Single mothers with young children needed for a research study on physical activity and health conducted by researchers in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Illinois. Entire study can be completed through the mail and only involves a one-time commitment. You might be eligible if you are:

    - 18-50 years old- not currently pregnant- at least one child less than 5 years old living in your household

    - not currently married

    - not living with a partner

    See www.facebook.com/ProjectHealthyMoms for more information!

    If you or anyone else you know is interested, call Dee at 217.300.5304, email project.healthy.moms (at) gmail.com

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