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Honoring Single Moms in the Military

  • Single_Mom_in_MilitaryIt’s Memorial Day today, and time to honor the hard-working Strong Single Moms in the military.

    Single Moms like Coast Guard Seaman Deanna Moentman, originally from Seminole, Fla., Moentman is currently stationed at Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City, N.J.  She joined the Coast Guard in August 2010 because she wanted to serve her country and start a new career. She had no idea a year later her military service would be coupled with the challenges of raising a baby.

    Moentman was happy when she became pregnant about a year after joining the Coast Guard, and at 27 years old, with a promising new career, she felt as though she was ready to start a family. However, during her pregnancy, the relationship with her boyfriend ended, and she delivered her daughter, Delayna, Aug. 27, 2012, as a proud, single mother.

    Caring for a baby as a single mother can be challenging, and pairing the parental responsibility with the demands of active duty military service can feel impossible.

    You can read the rest of Deanna’s story in this press release.

    And like Air Force Staff Sgt. Sophia Mantzouris, a C-130 engine mechanic with the Delaware Air National Guard.

    “Being a single mom is difficult, because it’s two ways that I’ve completely dedicated my life,” said Mantzouris, a native of East Greenbush, N.Y., who is deployed from the Delaware Air National Guard’s 166th Airlift Wing, to a base in Southwest Asia in support of the war in Afghanistan. “I’m a perfect example of the importance of a family care plan.”

    You can read more of Sophia’s story here.

    In searching for stories of Single Mom Military members, I also found a fledgling Facebook Page for Military Single Moms.

    So to all of the Strong Single Moms out there protecting our country, we honor you!  Members of the Strong Single Mom Network know how hard is to be a single mom and simply defend our own home front, let alone our Country!

    If you’re a Strong Single Mom in the military (or if you know one), please post your story in the comments below!  We’d love to honor you!  Also feel free to post pictures/stories on our Strong Single Mom Network Facebook page.

    And to all reading this, please take a moment this Memorial Day to remember those who risk everything to defend our freedom in the USA.

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