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Beyond Single Mom Status

  • You’ve navigated the waters of Singlemomhood, and now you’re moving on.  Of course, you’ll always have things that the Strong Single Mom Network can help with, so keep us as a resource.  Dealing with your child’s dad is often the number one thing that keeps women here, even when they’ve remarried.  So we’re still here for you!

    Listed below are a few resources that can help you as you move into the next phase of your life:

    • Remarriage Works – This organization strives to help blended families in a similar fashion to how SSMN helps single moms.  Click the link for an extensive list of resources.
    • National Stepfamily Resource Center – This site offers a powerful online stepfamily toolkit.
    • Step and Blend Family Institute – Click the link for a comprehensive resource guide for blending families.
    • Blended-families.com – easy to navigate and offers some fantastic books and downloads for stepparents and blended families.
    • Smart StepFamilies – this resource is a Christian faith-based website for blended families.  The link take you to an extensive list of other resources for Christian blended families.

    These are a few resources to get you started!  As you move forward, let us know if you have a heart to help single moms by mentoring them.  Contact us here and let us know if you’re interested in learning more.

    Stay Strong!