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Becoming a Single Mom

  • Are you just beginning your journey into the Land of Singlemomhood?  No matter how you found yourself here, it can be a tough, confusing, and scary place to be if you’re walking it alone.  That’s why the Strong Single Mom Network is here for you.

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    Here you’ll find:

    • Mentors who have gone through what you’re going through and can help.
    • A community of single mothers to connect with.
    • Resources for organizations, non-profits, businesses, and government entities that can help with different aspects of single parenting
    • Empowering articles that encourage and inspire you when you need it most.
    To get started, register your free membership to the Strong Single Mom Network.
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    If you ever need to reach out to our organization, contact us here.  We’re glad you found us, and hope we can help as you navigate the tricky waters of being a single mom.

    **If you’re married and considering divorce, PLEASE do not make this decision lightly.  This network was not created to ENCOURAGE divorce at all!  ONLY YOU can know if you’ve done all you can, or if the marriage is worth saving.  If your spouse is abusive, addicted to drugs or other substances, or otherwise harming you or your children, than YES…LEAVE NOW.  For other situations, we encourage you to seek professional counseling prior to making any final decisions. **