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Does What You Eat and Drink Make You Look Older?

  • With all the money we spend on anti-aging creams and cosmetics, it’s obvious we all want to look younger than we actually are.  But is what we’re putting inside our bodies actually making us look older?

    According to Yahoo Shine’s article 10 Foods and Drinks that Make You Look Older Than You Are, there are things that we consume that makes us look older than our actual age.

    As a single mom, some of the food and beverages that made it on this top 10 list will be difficult to avoid.  After all, what single mother doesn’t give into the budget-friendly and quick to prepare hot dog or cold cuts from time to time?  And give up coffee??  Ha.  Not gonna happen – at least not for me!

    But there are a few on the list that will not only help you look younger, but are fairly easy to replace:

    • Soda.  This sugary drink is just bad news all the way around.  It wears away tooth enamel and causes aged-skin due to the high sodium levels.  Plus soda drinkers are more likely to be dehydrated because they tend to drink soda instead of water.  Opt for water instead.  If you’re craving the fizz, go for flavored seltzer water.  Just make sure it’s the natural kind, like La Croix or Canada Dry seltzer.  These are naturally flavored, no sodium or artificial ingredients added.

    BONUS: This helps for budget, drinking soda really adds up.  Especially if you’re ordering it at restaurants or fast food places.  Let’s say you’re a single mom with 2 kids.  You each order a soda of your choice.  That’s over $6 added to the bill – plus the additional tax and tip.  Do that just one time per week, and you’re looking at $312 per year before tax and tip!   Just on soda!  That’s an insurance bill, or your kids’ back to school clothes.

    • Trans fats.  These are the “bad fats” that we’ve heard about.  They’re in processed foods, margarine, etc.  So go for whole foods instead.  It’s an easy fix to start using butter or olive oil instead of margarine.  Replace chips or packaged snacks with dehydrated fruits or fresh fruit.  In our house, we love frozen grapes.  When you’re craving a quick snack with a little flavor and crunch, these are the way to go instead of chips.
    • Red meat.  The article states that red meat more than once per week causes premature creasing of the skin.  So there’s no need to cut it out of your diet completely.  But it’s a simple fix to replace ground beef with ground turkey. Or make chicken fajitas instead of steak.

    Read the full article to get the entire top 10 list and to learn why these food and beverages are bad for your skin’s appearance.

    With a few simple replacements, you and your kiddos can eat a little healthier, save a little money, and you’ll look good in the process.

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