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Connected Through a Message on a Big White Van

  • Today on the road I saw a white van.  There was nothing remarkable about it except the messages it had written all over the windows.  “Race for the cure,” “run like a life depends on it,” and ” honk if you hate cancer!” Were written in washable window paint.

    Something about reading those handwritten messages struck a chord in me.  I imagined the people who wrote those statements.  I could see their passion, and feel the pain that must have sparked that passion in the first place.  I could picture their reaction whenever someone read those messages and actually honked their car horn, signifying that they too hated cancer.


    In that moment, I pondered our need to run in a race to support a cause, or to advertise in some way what causes we care about.  The question crossed my mind, “what good does any of it do?”

    After all, announcing what we stand for or stand against doesn’t actually change the state of the cause itself.  Encouraging people to honk a car horn has no influence on helping researchers actually cure a disease.  So why do we bother…and with such passion?

    And then I realized that when I read those messages, I imagined the people behind them.  I gained an understanding of who they are.  And for just a moment, I stood connected to them.  Their energy and experiences transferred to me, albeit in a limited fashion.  Somehow, just by knowing that little piece of them created a ripple effect.  And here I was, a complete stranger, validating their passion, pain, and influence.  I stood connected to them.  I felt somehow more complete, and I understood that this is part of the human plight….to know and be known.

    It’s amazing how God designed us to all share ourselves with others.  I am grateful for the chance to stand connected to those people with the big white van and a bigger message.

    And I am even more grateful to be connected with you, Strong Single Moms!

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