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Jacki Semerau – Founder of SSMN


    Who is behind the Strong Single Mom Network?

    Jacki Semerau – Founder of the Strong Single Mom Network

    The challenges Single Moms face can be overwhelming at times.  As a Single Mom of two daughters, Jacki Semerau found herself in need of some help and support.  She went looking for a comprehensive resource where she could connect with other Single Moms, find resources, and some type of community with others in the same position as herself.  There was nothing that truly fit the need, and a vision and dream inspired Jacki.  She began to work on creating an organization that would provide a way for Single Moms to connect, find help when needed, and grow personally.  The Strong Single Mom Network is the launch of that vision.

    Jacki has known times of financial abundance, and she has known times of extreme hardship.  She’s experienced a wide variety of the struggles – and triumphs – of being a single mom, and brings that personal experience to SSMN.  She has also partnered up with other single parents, professional resources, and organizations to create the Strong Single Mom Network.

    7 Steps to Strength Seminar

    Jacki also decided to take her experience as a speaker and use it to help empower Single Moms to live the best version of their lives possible.  She launched the 7 Steps to Empowerment for Single Moms seminar.  This powerful and insightful seminar is centered on the core belief of both Jacki and the Network.  EVERYONE deserves to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and declare, “I LOVE my life!”  The key is knowing that truly loving life means not relying on your circumstances to make you happy, but rather relying on inner strength.  When a person connects with that inner strength, they can find joy in life REGARDLESS of their circumstances.

    “The greatest joy is watching women have that A-Ha moment, and discovering that they have the strength within themselves to make positive changes that will benefit themselves and their children.”

    Connect with Jacki and her other ventures

    To learn more about hiring Jacki as a Presenter for your next seminar, workshop, or trade show, visit her website by clicking here.   Jacki has been the keynote speaker at many functions around the Valley since 2004.  She has taught many full and half day workshops, as well as co-presented with other experts at large events.

    Stay in Touch:

    Connect with Jacki on Facebook and Twitter.

    She is excited to welcome you to the Strong Single Mom Network, where single moms from around the United States can connect, grow as individuals and as a family unit, and find resources that support Single Moms.

    Jacki’s core mission is helping others learn the power of TRULY loving life, regardless of circumstances