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About SSMN

  • Single Moms Stand Strong when we Stand Together


    Single Moms stand strongest when we stand together.  Visit our Community Section to find ways to connect with other Single Moms across the United States

    * Connect Virtually
    , through online discussions and social media
    * Connect in person, through SSMN events in your area.
    * Connect through introductions, and have the chance to meet other single moms you would like to connect with, either by geographical location or by ages of children.


    Single Moms Stand Strong when we Stand Informed

    Single Moms stand strongest when they stand informed.  Visit our Resource Section to find helpful information.

    * National Resources, information on businesses, non-profits, and products you can benefit from no matter where you live in the US.
    * State Specific Resources, information that can benefit Single Moms in specific regions.
    * Discount Information, find resources for companies that are either providing discounts to members of the SSMN, or supporting you by giving a portion of their profit back to the SSMN

    Single Moms Stand Strong when we Stand as the BEST Version of Ourselves


    Single Moms stand strongest when they stand as the Best Version of Themselves.  Visit our Empowerment Section to find information on how to live your purpose.

    * Virtual Events
    , find information on upcoming teleseminars, the SSMN Radio Show, and webcasts.
    * Live Events, find a schedule of live Seminars and Workshops designed to connect you with other Single Moms as you Empower yourself to live your purpose
    * Written Resources, find recommended reading, Sign up for the SSMN Newsletter, and more.